Vegan Sources of Vitamin A to Include in Your Diet

We need a regular intake of Vitamin A in our diet for all sorts of healthy bodily functions. Vitamin A helps to keep our skin healthy, it boosts our immune system, and best of all, it can even help us to see in the dark. But for plant eaters, what are the best vegan sources of Vitamin A?

Traditionally, meat, eggs, fish, and dairy products have all been the recommended sources of Vitamin A, but for vegans, none of these food categories are even remotely acceptable. Luckily, though, there are a huge number of fruits and vegetables that can meet your daily Vitamin A intake needs.

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In today’s article, we take a look at the best plant-based vegan sources of Vitamin A. Here’s how to get Vitamin A into your vegan diet!

What is Vitamin A?

Ahh, the old vegan diet. As plant-based eaters, we always seem to be worrying about where we’re going to get the next vitamins from. First, it’s protein, then it’s fat (read this article for more information on vegan fat sources), and now it’s come around to Vitamin A.

As with proteins and fats, though, it turns out there’s nothing to be worrying about at all (it’s all meat and dairy propaganda!). So many plant-based foods have huge quantities of Vitamin A to offer and are super-easy to include in your diet.

But there’s a reason we do worry about these things when we switch to a new diet, despite the fact that a vegan diet does easily meet all our nutritional requirements. Like protein and fat, Vitamin A is essential for day-to-day bodily functions. We literally need Vitamin A to survive (and w

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